Trading plan

Trading plan

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It’s very important to make trading plan!

My plan:

–    Max trades per day: 5
–    Max active trades: 2
–    Max daily loss: 30 pips / 2 trades
–    Risk: 1,5% per trade
–    Weekly goal: 150 pips / 15%
–    Trading time: London and New York session

Gspot check list:
–    RSI: above 80/under 20
–    Stochastic: above 80/under20
–    Bollinger bands: touch or cross?
–    Pivot: is price near the pivot?
–    Zones: Ar zone around the pivot?
–    Price action: Are price is rejecting our zone?
–    News: any news comming?

Gspot trade setup:
–    SL: 15 pips
–    TP: 30 pips or next pivot.


Download Gspot trading plan here: Gspot trading plan
Download Gspot compound table: Compounding-plan





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